Practice Policy


Okely Medical Centre is a mixed billing practice. Patients who hold a valid pension card, health care card and children under 16 years of age will be still bulk billed.

All other patients with no Medicare card will be privately charged as below.

Monday To Friday Mixed Billing Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard $80.00 $41.20 $38.80
Long $120.00 $79.70 $40.30
Missed Appointments
(Cancellations require 3 hours’ notice)


Saturday – Private Billing for
ALL patients
Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard $90.00 $41.20 $48.30
Long $130.00 $79.70 $50.30

Private fees for the services which cannot be billed to Medicare

  • Insurance Medical
  • Commercial Drive Medical
  • Renewal of Cancelled Driving License
  • Procedural Fees

New Patients that do not have a Medicare Card will need to produce a valid Driver’s License or Passport.


The receptionist will be able to assist you in most cases, however if you wish to speak to your doctor, a telephone consultation will be arranged private fees may apply.


The doctors will advise if an appointment is required, minimum two working days’ notice is necessary. A small fee will be charged for this service. You will be required to see the doctor for an appointment if you have not seen the doctor in the last 6 months.

$15 for over the phone prescriptions.

$20 for faxing them to pharmacy.


If the doctor considers that a medical need exists for specialist treatment a referral will be provided. It is therefore important to make an appointment with the doctor who will discuss your problem with you and help you to decide on the appropriate course of action.


For patients who require regular check-up immunisations and/ or screening, we offer a recall service. This is done automatically unless we are advised that you would prefer not to be notified.


Medical Certificates are legal documents. In order to obtain a medical certificate for work a consultation with your doctor is required. It is not legal to back date a certificate.

Centrelink medical certificates will not be given to patients without prior medical history on your file. Please book in with your regular GP to obtain this certificate


Patients are required to make a follow up appointment to discuss any abnormal results. Normal and INR results can be obtained from our practice nurse.


We are proud of our practice, but if you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us on:

Your feedback is important to us and we take all information received seriously.